How I Came Into Being an Expert Gamer Despite My Mothers Efforts to Stop Me



I remember when I was young and my mom didn’t want me to play video games all day, so I had to go and play outside. To prevent the resistance from my mother, I had to complete all house duties like cleaning my room, arranging things properly in my bedroom and assisting her to do some of the general house duties. Even with this devotion which I expected to be a ticket to buy my mother’s trust, it was not an easy thing to get her official permission to play games. My perception was that once I please her, she would return the favour back and allow me to play games.


I Asked Her Questions

The agonising gaming spirit in me couldn’t let me understand why my mother wanted me to play video games for only some hours and spend the rest of the day either reading or doing house chores. ‘’Mum, why is it that you always want me away from my iPad?’’ I asked my mother. She normally used to tell me that gaming would spoil my mind and makes me fail at school.

Having realised that my mother’s biggest worry is me failing in school, I started putting extra effort on my studies. To erase the doubts and worries from my mother that I would fail, I used to read longer than usual. I used to read for three hours continuously to ensure that I grasp as many concepts as possible. My aim was to complete all my homework early and accurately so as to make my mother happy.

Spending My Free Time

After studying for relatively many hours, my mother used to feel happy, and she would allow me to have my iPad and play all the video games that I wanted. It was this time that I started mastering all the video games. I would play video games all the weekends’ afternoons because that’s when my mother allowed me to. I loved exploring all kinds of games including the action, adventure games, and car racing games. From primary school, high school to college, I have been playing video games, and that has made me a guru. There is no new game that can be released without me knowing. This is because I subscribed to the channels of almost all game developers and publishers.

I Became a Legend from My Hobby

As I was aging, I advanced from playing on the iPad to playing on the gaming laptops currently. I have mastered every video game, and I can play excellently anywhere. I have made friends from playing video games, and I have also made enemies who didn’t accept my unbeatable skills. In all my schooling life, I have never repeated a class because I knew how to balance academics and hobbies. Gaming made me a critical thinker, and it also prevented me from involving myself in harmful activities like drug abuse.

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