A Complete Review of Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Reproducing the classic horror movies proved that it is difficult to recreate the same level of success. Several attempts to revive Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th have all fallen flat. Despite that, it didn’t discourage the game industry to create an adaptation of this slasher movie. The journey towards the game version of Jason started in 2015. There was a Kickstarter project named Slasher Volume One: Summer Camp that attracted the attention of Sean S. Cunningham. In time, the team will secure the license of the popular movie series. This leads to a massive increase in expectation and attention. Compared to the previous remake attempts, the team behind the game adaptation seems to be advancing flawlessly. The trailer provides that traditional tone that captures the interest of the movie fans.

An Analysis of Friday the 13th: The Game

In its initial launch, the game has several server glitches and issue that lasted for weeks. The developer introduced patches in the succeeding weeks. This makes the game playable. The horror of the server issue is scarier than the story itself. However, we can vouch that playing it on your PS4 is more efficient. It takes a minute to connect it to your Quick Play. You will notice that all elements are running smoothly after successfully connecting on the game.

Connection issues, crashes, and other annoying issues remain common. It is annoying if you failed to save your levels and experienced that you earned from hours of playing the game. This creates a poor gaming experience. Compared to the initial launch, it is just less horrifying.

In terms of technicality, Friday the 13th: The Game seems to be relatively rough. It is dated and filled with glitch. In addition, the characters resemble an animated clay figure. The scenes that supposed to look cool appear to be pretty awkward. Gameplay also suffers some issues. It is more thrilling to play the character of Jason rather than to be a camp counsellor. The game is basically giving the characters in the game different options to escape and survive the Camp Crystal Lake. However, the role of the counsellor is to hide and wait for things to unfold.

Friday the 13th: The Game gives you an opportunity to connive with the other players and go against Jason. This tactic may possibly be rewarding especially if you are playing with the right set of people. However, a large gathering of players around the same area will attract the killer. Normally, cooperating with the other counsellor will result to the untimely death of your character. Playing the game on your own, hiding and waiting will result to a higher survival rate

Playing as the counsellor is utterly disappointing. Luckily, you will quickly ignore this as soon as you play the character of Jason. Being randomly picked to play the character is a blast. It comes with exciting moves such as the ability to warp on different maps. You may also use the Blast that allows you to dismantle walls and doors easily.

Sadly, the game is comprised of limited maps. The game play will feel a bit repetitive just like the movie series where the game was based. This is disappointing especially since the game costs $30.

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