Connor MCgregor is not coming back to UFC!

The reality that comes after such a massive fight is that even some of the best fighters will always try to avoid coming back to their original championship after a really good result with such a fight. And even if McGregor did not win the match against Mayweather, he did earn many millions and that did bring in front a whole lot of extraordinary results. They are the best in their own disciplines, and the reality is that getting a lot of money from a fight like this may change the way you think.

But will it really do that completely?

Let’s face it, when you earn a ton of money like this, it’s safe to say that you think about retiring. Your life can be pretty interesting and intense when you deal with something like this. And it’s all about understanding the situation and dealing with it the right way.

If McGregor wants to avoid coming back to the UFC, that is his own fault. But it’s not a problem that Dana White will have to face. There was a bit of a problem between them already, more particularly last year when Connor MCgregor ended up dealing with issues from his Twitter statements.

He actually was unable to enter a fight because Dana White considered that Connor MCgregor is not ready to promote the match. It was still a nice thing to have and it’s certainly going to have an impact on this as a whole. Overall, Connor MCgregor did a very good job when it came to dealing with the entire fight, and regardless of what he chooses to do, it will be his decision.

That being said, coming to the UFC can be a very good idea. He can easily rebuild after the loss, and knowing who to fight now will be a mandatory thing to take into consideration. The UFC is full of new challengers for him, so it can be a fun moment to see where this will go on.

Whether he will choose to embark in this set of challenges or not, it’s up to him. Connor MCgregor did earn a lot of money, but he is also a very good and important name for the industry. This is why Dana White will most likely have a very impressive set of results in the end and that can obviously be worth it. It’s important to focus on things like this, but at the end of the day, the experience can be a delightful and unique one.

So yes, Connor MCgregor can go back to the UFC. If he can find a good deal with Dana White, he will most likely do that. Hopefully they will find a good deal soon, because Connor MCgregor is indeed needed in the UFC. Plus, this is where he made his name and his potential is huge there, so coming back is a good idea for him!

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