Conor McGregor is still ‘The King’!


When the Conor MCgregor vs Mayweather fight was announced, people started to believe that this fight may not be a very good one in the end. And it’s easy to see why, an UFC fighter is not a boxer. It’s certainly going to have some challenges right in front of it, and that’s why it was very important for this fight to work. And thankfully it did. Not only was this Conor MCgregor fight a very good one, but it showed that there are tons of fights to be had in there. It’s all about knowing the true challenges that come from all these things. And in the end, the results were actually better than expected.

Why was this a good fight?

Because there was an actual focus on fighting and delivering a good game. Most of the modern fights are all about showing the might of the fighters and they will last for just 10 minute. Mayweather had a very slow start, and people were worried that the match will not live up to its potential. Some believe that this slow start was rigged, but it’s hard to say that. The idea here is to make sure that the fight starts off slow and the good stuff ends up being a lot of fun in the end.

Should you see this match?

The punches were nice and they managed to show the true power of this sport to begin with. Conor MCgregor in particular managed to impress people with his boxing skills. He is a very good UFC fighter, but he may not be the best possible boxer out there.

And this was shown according to the final result of this match. Despite that, the fight was long and it was a really exciting experience for the audience. Granted, some of the pre-match talk wasn’t at all that interesting, but it was a wonderful thing to have and something that brought in front some really exciting match moments for sure.

Conor MCgregor is a good MMA and UFC fighter, but he does need a bit more boxing experience. Despite that, he was extremely good at this and he showed that there are tons of cool boxing mechanics that he will be able to apply and use.

It was nice to see that Conor MCgregor could withstand Mayweather, a wonderful and very powerful professional with a ton of experience in this sport. It also managed to offer them quite a lot of money, so the match was lucrative from a financial standpoint as well. It’s amazing to see all these things, and it just goes to show the true value offered by such a high standard match.

Overall, the Conor MCgregor and Mayweather fight was a good one, and it shows that people from different disciplines can still have a good fight. It was a thrilling experience and everyone enjoyed it, that’s for sure. We may not see something like this ever again, but it was worth it!

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