Is the download system for consoles a pain to use?

Nowadays, consoles are a lot of fun to use and they are actually bringing in the most entertainment you can get. And compared with a PC, you get the ability to play on the couch with your friends and family. plus, the investment is a lot lower, since consoles are less than $400. That being said, there are some downsides as well.

For example, the console download system tends to be a real pain for most of us. Why is that? Unlike any other ways to play games, downloading breaks the immersion. The idea is that when you buy a new game, you want to start playing it on the spot.

You don’t want to waste your time waiting for very long downloads. And the problem here is that some of the console downloads can take hours upon hours. If you have a very bad internet connection, then you can end up dealing with some massive and prolonged waits.

How can you deal with this problem?

There are some solutions, one of them is to purchase retail copies of the game. Yes, that works for the AAA games, but the indie titles that you can find on PSN won’t really work this way. Those are download only and while they are smaller, they can still add up to a prolonged download most of the time. It’s crucial to make sure that you have a very good internet connection when you purchase download-only games.

Otherwise, you can end up with some very long waiting time. Alternatively, you can preorder games and preload them as soon as the preload becomes available. A preload allows you to download the game before it’s released, and the download will be up to 99% complete upon release. That’s when you have to download the final files in order to play the game. To be honest, this seems like the best way to get games ready on release, even if you opt for their digital versions.

Is it important to stick to downloadable titles?

Although you can buy retail, the reality is that you can easily lose the disk. But if you purchase digital games, you just need to remember the account credential. You can take your games with you anywhere you go in the country. That provides that sense of portability and value that you rarely find anywhere else.

However, you do need to try and preload your stuff as fast as you can. Preloads will be available only with the preorders though, as they are available a few days before the release of that game.

If you don’t preorder games and you just want to purchase a release game, you are stuck to waiting a few hours until the game is downloaded. It’s not ok to pay for something and get it hours later, but then again it’s important to not expect to play the game immediately if you buy it online. Purchase the game, create plans to play it in the next few days and you will be more than ok. This will give more than enough time for the title to download, regardless of its size!

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