Greatgames4u Review of FIFA Mobile Soccer

Here at Greatgames4u, we have tried FIFA Mobile Soccer and guess what? We loved it. The game is light, not demanding in any way and is fast paced. We took the game for a spin and in this review, we shall let you know all there is to know about this mobile game.

You might wonder why the name isn’t FIFA 17 or thereabouts. Yes, the naming convention has been changed. It now follows the Madden mobile series. It is now called FIFA Mobile Soccer with the year being removed from the title. It seems EA plans to leave the game as it is and then release yearly updates for it. The game requires internet connection all the time to and it comes with new controls with emphasis on touch gestures.


FIFA Mobile soccer has in-app purchases so you can get better players right from the beginning. With this, you do not need to depend on lesser known players. But it will cost you some money. At Greatgames4u, we didn’t try this out as we prefer to work our ass off from the bottom to the top.

As we have earlier mentioned, the game is smaller in size than other recent FIFA games. It was about 100 Mb in size. You don’t need to wait for a Wi-Fi connection before downloading it. Another benefit is that it doesn’t hog much RAM at all. The game goes easy on almost any device. We tested it on a lot of low-end phones and the game ran smoothly on all of them. The major downside of this was that the graphics were heavily reduced so you won’t have that crispy lovely graphics you had in FIFA 16, FIFA 15 and other FIFA games on mobile devices.

The Ultimate Team mode is largely the same as that of the older games. There is a new Attack mode and a Training mode. The attack mode is an online multiplayer mode where you can compete against other FIFA fans. In this mode, for one half, you play all your team’s attacking chances. For the other half, your opponent does the same. We enjoyed the Attack mode so much and we think you will too.

You can compete for cups and leagues online. Among the Greatgames4u team, we had an inhouse FIFA Mobile soccer league and we had so much fun. In the league mode, you can play cooperative games with your friends and other people around the world. You can take part in cooperative league and inter-league championships. You can also play against other leagues around the world.

Another new mode is the Live Events mode. In this mode, you replicate real life events and stories in the game. As you pass each live event, you are rewarded with tokens which you can redeem for free packs and players. The live events mode is updated regularly.

As always, we enjoyed the real player names, stadiums, graphics, faces and kits featured in this game. One thing that makes FIFA stand out from other soccer games is the licenses it has. The exclusive licenses immerse you so much in the game.

As mentioned earlier, the controls have undergone some reworking. You have to learn how to use a lot of touch gestures like swiping and others. We tried it out but most of the Greatgames4u team didn’t enjoy it. You can still play the game using the normal buttons mode but you will lose access to some control features with this. The game tries to force you to make do with the touch controls.

Bottom Line

All in all, FIFA Mobile Soccer is a good soccer game. We enjoyed the lightness and fastness of it. We were disappointed by the downgraded graphics and the poor controls but we still had a nice time with it. Plus, it can work on almost any device due to its low size. Here at Greatgames4u, we recommend the game for you if you need a soccer game to play on your mobile device.



  • Less heavy. More forgiving on RAM and phone resources.
  • New attack mode and live events mode.


  • Less beautiful graphics.
  • Requires internet connection all the time.
  • Poor touch controls.

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Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

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