Greatgames4u Review of Mass Effect Andromeda (Patched Edition)

The last Mass Effect game we played at Greatgames4u is Mass Effect 3 which was released as far back as 2012. Coming to 2017, we were excited for the release of Mass Effect Andromeda. After watching the E3 trailers, we were anxious to play the game. Mass Effect is a well-known franchise that delivered three top notch games. So, we expected Andromeda to be no less different. Be aware that we reviewed the patched version of the game so there were no bugs to be found.


Mass Effect Andromeda deviates from the earlier three games in the series. The game starts up with you waking up in Andromeda after a journey of over 600 years from the Milky Way. You are on a quest to find a new home for humanity. We had the choice of selecting one out of a pair of twins for our character. We could choose either Sara Ryder or Scott Ryder. We went with Scott. We customized the character as we wished and off we went on a long adventure of over 70 hours with the game. The other twin remained as an integral part of the game’s story.

Storyline and Gameplay

After waking up as one of the few survivors of the journey to Andromeda, you are unexpectedly thrust with the uneasy task of leading everyone. You fight aliens, explore some planets with a vehicle, have sex with some of your companions and forge or break alliances all through till the end of the story. The storyline is interesting enough to keep you engaged.

As with earlier Mass Effect games, we were faced with a variation of dialogue choices. The conversation choices varied significantly from earlier Mass Effect games. You now have the option of four different responses. They are: professional, casual, logical and emotional. There are also some impulse actions that may come up during conversations. This is different from the renegade/paragon conversation options in the earlier Mass Effect games. The Greatgames4u team enjoyed this new conversational variation.  The missions are interesting with the crew loyalty missions been the icing on the cake.


The combat style has been reworked entirely. The cover system model of the previous games is almost nonexistent here. So, you can’t take cover like before. The combat requires you to be on your toes all the time. You can’t pause midway to switch weapons or make some other skill selection. Enemies now attack from all angles in a large battlefield. The new combat style was refreshing and very interesting to try out.


The game allows you to explore some planets giving you a semi open world gameplay. You can mine resources in each planet. But after that, there is not much for you to do there. You can explore the planets using a six-wheeled vehicle called the Nomad. The planets you explore are beautiful to look at and are quite diverse. They all have different atmospheric conditions and other unique things about them. The Greatgames4u team had a nice time exploring each planet and talking about what we liked about each one.


Mass Effect Andromeda is a gorgeous looking game. Greatgames4u played the patched version of the game so we didn’t face the weird cutscenes, animations and other bugs others were plagued with. The game is almost entirely different from previous Mass Effect games. A lot has been changed and surprisingly, it all blends to give rise to a distinct game.

At Greatgames4u, we totally recommend Mass Effect Andromeda to any Mass Effect fan and newcomers to the series.
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

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