HTC Vive vs. Oculus vs. Playstation VR: What is the Best Gaming Headset?

Virtual reality is a key technological development that has revolutionised the gaming experience. VR comprises of specially designed headsets that are meant for improving the gaming experience. The most popular three VR headsets include HTC Vive vs. Oculus vs. Playstation VR and these are competing for the top position in the gaming field. These headsets have different key features that make them peculiar to different segments in terms of providing comfort and the best gaming experience. The major key characteristic of these VR headsets is that they are wearable in the head though they have different designs. In choosing your preferred headset, you need to be aware of certain factors.

Appearance of HTC Vive vs. Oculus vs. Playstation VR

The Playstation VR is the most comfortable compared to the other competitors namely HTC Vive and oculus since it is comprised of an adjustable strap that is worn around the head. It also has tracking lights around its edges.  The HTC Vive is huge in appearance than the other two VR headsets, and it seems the element of style was not given priority when it was manufactured. It is comprised of three straps that make it secure on your head, and it is comfortable. However, its major drawback is that it is connected by a cable which can impact on your gaming experience if it breaks. This is not expected in the virtual world of gaming.

Of these three headsets, oculus is viewed as the best in terms of appearance. It is comprised of special fabric that prevents sweating, and it is also slender and looks like goggles meant for skiing. The other key feature of this VR is light weight. However, it is comprised of a cable just like the HTC Vive.  Care should be taken to avoid disturbing the cables.

Elements related to pricing

Before acquiring the VR headset of your choice, it is imperative to consider elements related to pricing. Comparatively, the three VR headsets are quite expensive. The most expensive is the HTC Vive followed by oculus and the PlayStation VR is the most affordable among them. However, it should be noted that oculus, and Playstation VR do not come with all components like motion controllers. It is only the HTC Vive that comes with all the required components. The high price of HTC Vive VR is justified since it has all the necessary components.

Performance Standards for HTC Vive vs. oculus vs. Playstation VR

Since HTC Vive and oculus are based on PC, their performance is determined by the power of the computer hardware upon which they are connected. The majority of VRs can run smoothly but often characterised by small glitches. The other aspect that should be considered is that at times, the three headsets mentioned above often experience some issues with motion controls. However, this is short term, and it is expected in the gaming world that is characterised by fast moving technology.

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