Should kids play games designated to their age?

Nowadays, just about every game, especially the ones released on retail, tend to have a specific rating. This allows you to see who the game is designed for and what age categories will be able to enjoy it. Adding such a system was more than ok, especially considering the fact that lots of teenagers embraced violent games and ended up creating disasters in their hometowns.

So yes, adding a designated and dedicated system that allows people to control what games are played by their children is extremely important. Plus, let’s face it, you can find just about any type of game on the market at this point. From small simulation games to educational titles or violent games, digital download stores have it all.

Are these restrictions respected?

However, there are lots of parents that don’t really care or even look for their restrictions. They get nagged by their children to purchase a game and they will get it, regardless of the situation. There’s a reason why some games are not good for children, because they can depict scenes of violence, sex, not respecting the law and other things that are not ok for a child.

That’s the reason why Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular action games out there, has generated quite the stir. GTA is an amazing franchise and it showcases the realism of being a gangster in many regions all over the US. However, its developers marked the game as 18+. Yet game stores are ok with selling it to children or parents that don’t really know or care about this restriction.

The developers are not to blame here. The sales system is very hard to control nowadays. In fact, the online stores won’t do more than just ask you for your age and a credit card. Children can easily get their parent’s credit card and lie about their age. The purchase will be legit and that child will play a game he is not supposed to see.

Does this make any difference?

Yes, the problem here is that your child will not be interested in games for his age. Children should learn new things and play games that suit their age. Showing them things that they aren’t supposed to see will just ruin their development and it will lead towards more aggression and problems. These things can be avoided, as long as you know how to do that. We recommend you to focus on your child’s development and make him play games that suit his age.

It may not be as exciting as playing the latest action game like Doom or GTA V, but it will definitely help with your child’s overall development, and that’s the thing you should be interested in. At the end of the day, it’s the way your child develops that you should be interested in. So, try to check what games are played by your child and even chime in and enjoy those games that suit his/her age. Don’t allow your child to play games designed for someone over his age, as it will just lead to a troubled development!


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