Clash of the Titans – Mcgregor vs Mayweather

Clash of the Titans – Mayweather, and McGregor

My friend and fellow gamer, Dana White, is confident that McGregor is going to win over Floyd Mayweather. And no amount of convincing has managed to sway him to any other direction. And for a moment, it almost seems as though he is already counting his winnings.

Talk about counting eggs right before the eggs hatch. He loves money, and quite frankly, I can’t blame him I mean, who doesn’t? But before putting my money on either of these fighters, there are quite a number of things I have to consider.

Firstly, these are the best fighters in the world, arguably the best in their respective fields. And just like it was the case between Mayweather and Pacquiao, both fighters are going to earn some good money, whether they win or lose. There are a lot of stakes in here, and so it would only make sense if I dug deep into the possibilities. If not, then my logic will be clouded by Dana White’s contagious excitement. Let’s start off with the undefeated fighter, Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather, the Undefeated Gore

Let’s just call a spade – everyone and their favorite boxer hates Floyd Mayweather. They mostly hate him for two reasons; he is arrogant and stinking rich. But one thing is for sure – none of these haters would want to find themselves in a ring with him. He has built a reputation as the one with the fast punches and even faster when evading blows.

He is also known to pick fighters that he only can defeat. And that also seems to be the case with McGregor, as analysts claim. It is crystal clear that McGregor will not be a walk over like most of his previous opponents. But still we can’t take away the fact that the boxing ring has been his yard for years and he has an upper hand over McGregor when all is said and done.


McGregor, the Hungry Underdog

In as much as Floyd is seen as the favorite to win this highly anticipated bout, it is still unclear on how things are going to play out here. For starters, it is quite an amazing feeling seeing McGregor take a leap of faith into the boxing.

These seemingly murky boxing waters which are undoubtedly Mayweather’s arena. But knowing how much of a formidable fighter McGregor is, it is unwise to count him out just yet. If anything, Mayweather should be taking his opponent with a pinch of salt.

And the latter is so because, well, McGregor is the godfather, the alpha and the omega of comebacks and upsets. Mayweather may be the best pound for pound defensive fighters of all time, but McGregor has also knocked out giants in less than forty seconds. And that makes him equally dangerous – no wonder my friend Mr. White is so excited.

It is no wonder their fight is definitely going to make both of them a lot of money in the process. But at this point, all we can do is wait and see what the UFC 3 outcome will be.


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