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Minecraft story mode season 2

Minecraft story mode season 2

Play the game as fast as it comes out

A lot of people like Minecraft so obviously, since Telltale creates adventure games based on popular series, this one was immediately added to the list. Not only that, but Minecraft Story mode season 1 was a success, so now we will get Minecraft Story mode season 2. But is this actually a good way to launch a game?

Kids want to play the game as fast as it comes out. But the trend right now for a lot of games is to release the game in smaller pieces, just like a TV series has multiple episodes. The idea here is to create a world where you need to explore and interact with characters. The first season was more than ok, with a good story and some fun characters. But as you can imagine, the second season follows the same episodic format.

Is this a good idea?

Not really. Being able to play the entire game is what you pay for right off the bat. Sure, some people may be ok with the idea of waiting a bit until they get the game, but not everyone. In fact, most of us want to avoid wasting a lot of time on waiting for the next episode.

So, this is pretty much similar to preordering. You have reviews only on the first episode of Minecraft Story mode season 2, but the reality is that you never know what you are getting. You get to realize that investing in a game like this is a gamble. Because the reality is you never know what you get with this type of game. Yes, you may be getting something really good and exciting. It may be very impressive and you may even enjoy this a lot. But on the other hand, you can easily get into a scam, so that’s the type of thing that you should avoid.

Only if you are a true fan!

Some gamers got For Honor for example at the Gold price, without even knowing what they would get. And in the end, the Gold Version just got them some extra skins and stuff. Now the game population is small, and that is for a game focused mostly on multiplayer. With Minecraft Story mode season 2 you get a similar thing.

You put your money into this and you don’t know if the product quality will be the same or not. Telltale has been doing this for quite some time, and the reason is that they want to fund the series the best way they can, without spending way too much time and money right off the bat.

This means that whenever a game doesn’t sell well for the first episode, they can rush it in order to get out another series that will send a lot better. It may seem a bit tricky to put your money upfront when the development practices can change. So you have to wonder, is it a good idea to get the Season pass and pay more than $20 upfront without knowing what you will receive? No, this is not ok at all. Wait until each episode comes out. Only if you are a true fan of the series you may want to get it upfront, otherwise a waiting game is a much better option and it will work to your own advantage for sure!

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