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The game was originally shown to the world in 2011 during the International Video Game Awards. The interest among the public has quickly risen and does so up until this very day. Fortnite cannot be described in words, it should be tried personally, however, if we do try to describe it as a genre it would be a role playing game which gives the opportunity to express a person’s creativity. Well, that and about a dozens of other things.

If you are into survival game, then you could go and explore quite a few sections. If you are into intensive action, you could always turn it into a 3rd person shooter, and on top of that, you get to choose through a variety of skills which delivers a lot of opportunities of advancement and builds for each player.

Design and Gameplay – The Two Most Important Factors

At times you might be thinking that you are playing a kid’s game as the colourfully designed mobs and areas create the image of a cartoon on the TV; however, the texture is so smoothly and well done that it’s quite pleasant to look at. If you’re going to dwell into in depth design details, then there are certainly things that might’ve been made better, however as a whole we believe it’s a well-made game.

Obviously, many people couldn’t care less about the way the game looks, they prefer the practical side of things and when it comes to gaming that’s the gameplay. As we already mentioned at times, you might think the game is made to cater to the interests of your five years old brother. The initial quests are quite simple, to say the least. As you progress, though the difficulty becomes tougher until it becomes insanely hard. We could guarantee that all of the hardcore gamers would have quite a lot of fun playing into the later phases of the game as there is much more thought and creativity involved while trying to progress. You would have to think of ways to abuse the system while paying close attention to your surroundings. The Meta is important as any other game.

The Story

And the last, but not least important factor is the story. Long story short, you are basically living in the Walking Dead series as if they were designed by Disney. The zombie apocalypse has struck the world’s population, and only a few people have managed to survive. There is a variety of different mobs which will attack you over the course of the game. You are playing as the Commander who must both manage the resources of the people that are alive and spend time killing zombies before the zombies kill you.

As a whole, we could call Fortnite a defence game, which forces you to push back as many of the zombie horde as possible for the longest period of time. Make sure to take advantage of the multiplayer as it is double the fun.

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