Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Predators While Playing Online Games

Keep Your Kids Safe from Online Predators While Playing Online Games

Would you invite strangers into your house and let them play with your child unsupervised? Well, that’s what you are doing if you don’t watch your kids while they are playing online games.

Not a lot of parents realise that their kids might receive unwanted sexual solicitations from paedophiles while they are playing an innocent online game. What’s even scarier is that one of every 25 kids is invited to meet online predators in person.

Any child can be a potential target as long as one has access to the Internet. However, you can’t stop kids from playing their online games. The best way to handle the situation is to provide them with safety lessons of what to do while playing online.

Yes, you can ban your kids from playing online games or creating their own social media accounts. However, it will just force them to go online in other places, such as their friends’ house. No matter how safe you think your kids are, you should consider teaching them how to be safe online.


How Online Predator Target Your Kids


One thing that you should teach your child is never sharing personal information with anyone online. A paedophile might hide behind a fake account that matches your child’s age and interests. They also use fake photos in order to convince your child that they are the same age.

Most kids post personal information online, which can make them potential targets of paedophiles. They try to be close to your child’s friends to gain their trust. Then they develop a close bond online while playing games.

The next step is when they start talking to your child outside of the game. This can be done through text messages or chat apps. Then they will start sharing innocent photos. The predator might send more risky photos to encourage your child to do the same. There are cases in which the predator will ask your child to do sexually explicit acts in front of the webcam. The paedophile will record the video and use it for sextortion in the future.


Keeping Your Children Safe

It is important to teach your children not to trust people they meet while playing games online. Unless they really know the person in real life, they should not share any personal stuff with other players. And just because the person is friends with their friends, doesn’t mean that their friends know the person in real life.

It is also important that you check your child’s phone every couple of weeks. That way you can be sure that there are no apps that are made for private communication. You should also read their text messages, and find out who they are chatting with.

If you do those things, your child might see you as the worst parent ever for invading one’s privacy. However, it is the price you should pay in order to keep your kid safe and away from paedophiles online.

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