Reasons for Attending Conference of European Women in Games


The conference is hosted in honour of European women in games so that they can come up with a raft of decisions that can improve their experience in the field of sport. There are various reasons why women should be involved in gaming just like their male counterparts. Gaming helps to improve the social relations of women as well as improve their health care status. Against this background, it can be seen that the conference about games plays a pivotal role in helping the women to realise their potential and talent in the sport. Against this background, it can be seen that women should participate in this conference since it is specifically meant for them.

Reasons Why Women in Games Should Support this Conference

In most cases, the gaming field is dominated by men, but it can be seen that there are certain disciplines that are specifically meant for women. Therefore, it is imperative that women should be given the opportunity to attend the conference where they can map the way forward with regard to the aspect of improving gaming. Decisions in the discipline of sports are often made by men, but it has to be noted that women also have a stake in this particular field. There is every reason to treat women as equal to their male counterparts since they can also contribute ideas that can help them to improve in different sporting activities.

Women in games can make decisions that have an impact on their affairs instead of waiting for other people to decide for them. In other words, this gives females a voice such that they can be able to make decisions that affect them on their own instead of expecting decisions to come from their male counterparts every time.  In as far as the aspect of equality is concerned; women should be given the opportunity to make decisions that affect them in various ways. Women empowerment is vital since it helps them to get the opportunity to prove that they can also perform other tasks that are often seen as the preserve of men.

This conference will give women in games the opportunity to express their wishes as well as views that can help to improve the discipline of gaming. The women can also be given the opportunity to engage with others such that they can exchange ideas that can be used to develop the sport. Another important consideration is that women who love gaming can get the chance to make decisions about appropriate periods they think the games should be hosted. Women are often overburdened by other responsibilities such as caring for the family hence the need for them to create a fine balance with their gaming needs.


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