A Review on Castlevania on Netflix

Review on Castlevania on Netflix

Review on Castlevania on Netflix

A new animated adaptation of the renowned Castlevania is coming on Netflix. Therefore, there is no doubt that it deserves a proper review. The fans of this show are truly hoping that this would be a high-quality adaptation of their favourite series. At first glance, you can see that this series is not made for the fans alone, but is made for everyone. This is based on the well-known game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

It doesn’t matter whether you have played this game or not, Castlevania on Netflix is a series you can enjoy either way. Of course it follows the same basics; however, everyone can follow the story with ease. In the plot, you will see Trevor Belmont that all fans know, being called for action. Additionally, there are many other Castlevania III references that all fans will pick up. The main focus is a constant battle between good and evil. It may seem traditional at the beginning. However, your mind will change during the second half of the first episode.

The simple scenario will be abandoned fast and more complicated ideas will come ahead. While you would think that you would root for the church, you might find yourself actually supporting Dracula! Keep in mind that Castlevania on Netflix is not meant for children since it is very brutal.

Animation Standards

This show’s animation, as you will come to realise is of very high quality. The visual designs and the additional features will compensate you. You will be able to enjoy every brutal scene you will see. Every single animated scene you will watch, you will absolutely love. If you are an animated geek, there is no doubt that you will enjoy them. The flawless technical details will amaze you, and there are some epic combat battles that will keep your attention.

Cast Details

Some of the most renowned actors took part in this series with success. Richard Armitage, Alejandra Reynoso, and Tony Amendola are some of them.

Series Premiere

The first episode on Castlevania on Netflix was aired on 7th July. The plot begins when a young woman starts her own research. The goal is to find more information on some forbidden knowledge.

Professional Reviews

Most of the professional reviewers have stated that this is a rather fine series, ideal for all gaming fans. Castlevania is a pleasant reminder that most of the video games can make some respectful movies. Of course, it requires that the right professionals will be in charge. Providing this, the animators can create a nice movie, in order for all fans to be able to enjoy it.

Netflix Membership

If you already have a Netflix membership, put this on your watch list. You can see at least the first episode of this amazing series. If you love online gaming, then this is the perfect series for you. Give to this series the time to win you over and perhaps it will make you want to play the game too.

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