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Everyone owns smartphones which now come with lots of RAM and good mobile GPUs. It is only fitting that these smartphones should be capable of playing good mobile games. Many experts have even attributed this as one of the reasons why handheld consoles are dying. A lot of people ask why they should buy a handheld when their smartphone can equally play exciting mobile games with good graphics. At Greatgames4u, we understand that there can be so many mobile games on your mobile app stores so it could be quite dizzying to select the best ones. We love our readers at Greatgames4u, so we have taken the pain to select the top 10 mobile games for them.

1. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas:

Step back into the world of CJ and friends with this sprawling open world game released by Rockstar Games. When this game first came out, some people among the Greatgames4u staff were surprised that a game this good could be released for mobile phones. The graphics have been heavily updated and the controls have been fully optimized for touch screens.

2. FIFA Mobile:

If you enjoy playing FIFA on PC or console, then you will enjoy FIFA Mobile no less. It comes with a lot of teams, FIFA Ultimate Team, good commentary etc. There are also some new features like the Live Events mode and other new game modes.

3. NBA 2K17:

NBA 2K17 is arguably the best-looking sports game on smartphones right now. The game has a huge roster of players. Everything looks slick from the animations to the controls.

4. Badlands:

Badlands is an awesome 2D side-scrolling game. The game is so good that it was later released for PC and consoles. You control a little creature through the woods in the game. You do all you can to avoid the machines in the game.

5. Minecraft Pocket Edition:

Minecraft is available on every other console so why shouldn’t it be available on mobile? The game allows you to do tons of things just like the console and PC versions. You can mine stuff, create awesome things, defeat bad guys and enjoy the large open world.

6. Pokémon Go:

Last year, Pokémon Go trended heavily everywhere. Even here at Greatgames4u, we had fun looking for different Pokémon’s at various spots. Pokémon Go is a good augmented reality game where you try to catch Pokémon in the real world. The game is regularly updated with new Pokémon being released a lot.

7. Max Payne Mobile:

Max Payne mobile is the mobile version of the first Max Payne game by Rockstar Games. The game features the popular bullet time mechanics and other features that made the first game popular. The graphics are also updated making the game look great on mobile.

8. The Walking Dead Season 1, 2 and 3:

Popular Telltale Games Series, The Walking Dead is available on smartphones. It looks just as good as the console versions on mobile. The touchscreen controls are also nice giving you a nice mobile experience. If you like The Walking Dead, you can also check out other Telltale Games series like The Wolf Amongst Us, Tales From The Borderlands etc. The games all feature a Point and Click style of gameplay. Every single person at Greatgames4u loves Telltale Games.

9. The Room Series:

The room is a nice series of games where you try to escape from a room. You have to solve the puzzles in order to escape from the room. The game has nice mechanics and a lovely atmosphere.

10. Crashlands:

Crashlands is an awesome Android game released last year. You craft items, collect items, build bases and survive on an alien planet. The game is much fun and has a lot of content to engage anyone. The game also has role playing elements.

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