Top 10 Shooting Games

Here’s a list of what we consider the top ten best shooting games out there at the moment:

1- Overwatch

Winner of the game of the year award and currently the most played first person shooter, it’s definitely the best among all shooting games, and however will it manage to keep that position for long?

2- Titanfall 2

Released in 2016 as a mixture of gameplay between Call of Duty and Battlefield it has certainly taken the shooting games industry by a storm and provided gamers not only with a nearly perfect multiplayer experience but one of the best single player campaigns as well.

3- Doom

Let’s be honest, Doom is simply a classic in the industry. The release from last year is simply brilliant. Ignore the gameplay, the soundtrack was designed a sample by sample to provide the stunning gameplay that it does. Furthermore, this is so much more than a revamp of the old game.

4- Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike is most likely the forever first person shooter game. The newest version might not be the best in terms of development, however the implemented achievement and rewards system was quite innovative, plus new skins and map keep the game fresh.

5- The Last of Us

Even though it’s a PlayStation only edition, we consider it among the best shooting games. The third person shooter has three different engaging storylines which lead down different paths. It’s definitely worth buying the console only because of this game

6- Team Fortress 2

Many people consider Overwatch a rip off of Team Fortress 2 and there could possibly be decent reason behind it. The class based multi player shooter has progressed quite a lot since it originally launched, with custom made maps, new classes and gameplay modes.

7- Call of Duty

The whole series is simply tremendous. The shooter trying to present the war conditions from World War 2 up until the modern days. The single player gameplay is made with a fine taste, meant to put focus on each simple detail.

8- Far Cry 4

With Far Cry 5 out in the horizon, we couldn’t help but put the current version in our list. At one point you’re out in the sea, in the other you’re invading an enemy outpost. The well thought Ubisoft developers have implemented a tremendous amount of possibilities in the gameplay.

9- Quake 3

Forget about other Quakes, Quake 3 might be almost twenty years old however it is still one of the most played online shooters up until this day. Of course, that is mainly due to the launch of the web platform Quake Live.

10- Halo series

The space located shooter managed to keep the interest on the genre when it seemed to be completely dying off. Currently the interest in Halo might not be as high as it used to be; however, those series managed to earn the trust of gamers.

With this, we complete our list of top ten best shooting games. We hope that you would try at least some of them out as all of them are simply perfect.

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