Yandere Simulator Review

If you are a fan of the anime game genre, then this will surely spike your interest, and even if you aren’t you should still consider it. The story revolves around “yandere” a character which expresses both violent and affectionate tendencies towards the main character and could end up either quite badly or quite well for the player. To create a better picture in your head, the game goes between murdering children in school to taking pictures of a female character’s underwear. It is due to that very reason that Twitch has also decided to ban it from their streaming platform.

An Overview

You play in the role of a female schoolchild who literally murders anyone who tries to get attached to her crush. Sounds silly, right? “Yandere” translated from Japanese describes exactly a girl which would do anything to anyone in order to protect the person she s interested in while going over the moral borders.

The game is developed by a freelancer, who previously worked in California in a game development company. Even though they first began developing Yandere Simulator in the middle of 2014, it wasn’t until 2015 that the game came out as the creator decided to fully test all possible factors of the game from the tiny code bits to every gameplay detail available. That includes builds, progress ratio, and overall engagement while playing. It is no wonder you could do basically anything to your “rivals” including poisoning them, torturing them or even as far as stabbing them in the neck or drowning them in the school’s pool.

The Gameplay

It goes something like this. You are already aware that you are the female character called “yandere”, however, the main character of the game is the boy you have fallen in love with. The idea is to dispose of every possible rival without being spotted, turning it into kind of a stealth game. You will stalk the boy and kill anyone in your path to winning his affection. In the mean time, you would have to cover all of the evidence that might’ve been left behind otherwise you might get caught in which case you lose.

The weapons arsenal is quite wide, thus providing you with quite a few options to kill the third party npcs. On a side note, your school has different clubs which you could join, in order to reduce the chance of getting caught as well as providing you with new options of disposing of the bodies.

Even though Twitch decided to ban it due to its violent nature, plus due to nudity additionally, we believe the game is quite a lot of fun to play. It is obviously quite naïve to think that such game would promote actual real life violence, the game actually promotes creativity and logical thinking as you would have to be quite thoughtful to reach the end game successfully.

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